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Make A Change

My father had two open heart surgeries, both of which required blood to be successful. Many people out there need blood supplies, and I used to donate blood regularly until I came out. My honesty about myself and my partner earned me a lifetime ban from ever donating blood, even though I am HIV negative and have never been in a situation where I would have been exposed to the HIV virus. 

While I was doing PT today, other soldiers were giving blood to the red cross. I decided to try and take some action, and this is the only way I know how. Please, if you have a heart, give your support at this link and try to spread this out so that men like have the freedom to sacrifice beside our brothers in the straight community. 

Click Here to sign the petition and make this known!

Thank you

P.S. This only needs 150 signatures to become ‘visible’ on the petition website


Anonymous asked
Ex Us Army Man here. Thaks for your service! Love this blog! Don't know which I love more Country or Military as long as it has the great looking men. Keep up the good work and keep us jackin lol.

Thanks buddy! Always glad to hear when y’all are likin it

Brenton Lawrence of the Sea Eagles on the Sunday Footy Show

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CountrySoldier, at your service!

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